No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle – Winston Churchill

Valle de los Caballos 

About us………..
Rancho California Horsemen's Association was founded in 1969 as a membership based group of equestrians and horse lovers in the Temecula Valley. We are dedicated to preserving and enjoying trails in our area.

Our three main goals are:

  1. To work with the County of Riverside to create a network of trails backed by legal easements so we can ride throughout the Valle de los Caballos, Wine Country, and out to Vail Lake, Lake Skinner and Diamond Valley Lake;

  2. have as many of these as possible be offroad trails; and

  3. get the trails onto the County’s general plan revision.

Our mission is to……….

  • Protect the “horse country” atmosphere of the Temecula Valley, particularly the Valle de los Caballos and Wine Country areas

  • Work with local governments (city, county, state) to designate and maintain a network of local and arterial trails (i.e., local “loops” as well as trails linking to major cross-county networks)

  • Facilitate networking among local horse lovers so our beautiful trails and horse-keeping areas can be enjoyed together

  • Promote the use of our trails as the best way to maintain them!

  • Be the voice of equestrians and horse lovers in the Temecula Valley

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