We always need funds for trail maintenance, hitching rails and trail markers!

Please consider donating to preserve the riding trails in the Temecula Valley. 

Thank you!

Business Membership  (includes 4 employees able to participate and your business advertised on

our website and in newsletters)

1 year business membership        $120

New Member Questionnaire 

1 year individual membership        $30

3 year individual membership        $80

5 year individual membership        $125

Individual Membership


Family Membership  ​(family members living in same household)

We have several payment options when you join RCHA.  You can pay for one year or you can pay for multiple years and save money. And we have two options for payment. You can download and print a member form and mail a check to RCHA, PO Box 1622, Temecula, Ca 92593                                             

Or you can pay online.  Also with your online payment, please complete the

New Member Questionnaire below.

1 year family membership              $50

3 year family membership              $135